A journey of personal growth, 
1 book and 15 minutes at a time.

Free for 15 is a podcast created and hosted
by Marcus Schiller since January 2022.

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It’s no secret that books are a key source of inspiration for today’s leading thinkers — knowing which ones are worth your time to read is a bit more challenging. Join our host Marcus Schiller every Tuesday as he takes fifteen minutes to sit down with our guests, dubbed Minute Mentors, to discuss their favorite books and the insights they have carried along their personal and professional journeys. Evidence the natural growth of the Free for 15 Family, as every Minute Mentor is referred by a previous guest.

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Introducing Free for 15

January 4, 2022

Join me on my curiosity-fueled journey of learning, inspiration, and growth as I expand my network 1 book and 15 minutes at a time.

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Personal Growth

The boundless search for learning and personal development is central to Free for Fifteen's inception and podcast design.

Empathic Curiosity

Empathic curiosity is the 'fuel' for Free for Fifteen's never-ending journey of engagement and collaboration.

Diversity of Thought

The diverse collection of notable guest Free for 15 hosts are intended to cover a wide range of passions & disciplines.

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Inspired by the ideology behind One Red Paperclip, Free for Fifteen is the boundless search for book recommendations, learning, and growth throughout my network.

Knowing how to begin the process of personal development and growth is often intimidating and overwhelming, with more emphasis on figuring out where to go than on jumping in and taking the first step.

Free for 15 sets out to leverage the power of books and network effects to demonstrate that all you need is a curious attitude and a couple of minutes to get the ball rolling.

My podcast is intended to serve as a documentation of my personal journey, and hopefully a source of inspiration for the start of yours. Knowledge, information, and progress compound...don't be afraid to start small and ask more questions.

Visit marcusschiller.com to learn more about the founder & HOST of FREE FOR 15.

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